Monday, June 23, 2008

Anne's Birthday Extravaganza: Hollywood Bowl Version

Anne couldn't just have one birthday party! Night two of extravaganza continued at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night with some groups that I'd never heard of and Thivery Corporation, who I'd barely ever heard of .

Chris and I accidently arrived super super early. Which ended up working to our advantage. We were able to park at the very front of the stack, just off Highland! We took a walk to Starbucks, hung out a bit and had a mini photo shoot.

I saw these shoes mid-photo shoot and had a love/hate relationship with them. So I snapped a photo to remember our little mini-affair.

Then it was go time! We hiked up the hill with our cooler and Annes' bar-in-a-cooler.

Natalie was not so much a fan of the jello shots.

But Chris enjoyed!

It was an excellent evening with some excellent music!


I believe we all had contact highs as that seems to be the cool kid thing to do at the Bowl and all of our neighbors were cool kids. Funny story - I crashed when we got home. And then I overslept this morning. Like, woke up 2 minutes before I was supposed to be out the door. So got ready in record time, but had to forgo the shower. As I was in the car, I realized that I might smell like pot! (I asked around at the office... I didn't!)


joe said...

i look like death. but that was because i was being a "cool kid" for a change.

Anonymous said...

We were there too! Tony planned a date night for us since I am a HUGE Thievery Corporation fan. And as an added bonus Amigos Invisibles played which we both really like. I'm totally laughing out loud at the contact high. We had the same experience!

Carmela said...

We got the munchies by the time we got home but we were too tired to grab some thing.

nspeis said...

i'm so lucky i have chin cellulite. note to natalie: do not make disgusted face when camera is near.

Diabolina said...

love da photos especially how you light your beloved :)

where is that necklace from? me likes with your freckles. (i longed for freckles when i was 5. dotted some on with a eye pencil of my mom's. but it was a whole thing fiasco. i got asked if i had chicken pocks by a teacher and had to wipe them off.)

nita said...

awww your pics are really adorable!!!! was that POG in one of the pics?

p.s. you and your hubby are so cute together!

Kate of All Trades said...

That looks like it was fun. In all my LA year, I never made it to the Hollywood Bowl. Now that I'm gainfully employed and have at least some disposable income, I may have to make it happen.

Have to agree with Natalie on the jello shot tip though - they taste lie coagulated cough syrup. Yuck.