Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cooking: BBQ & Potatoes

I cheated tonight. The other day at the store I thought this BBQ bowl of stuff looked tasty. And excellent in case I needed to throw something together real quick. I was proud of myself because I usually just make Chris do something if there's no time. Prepared!

Tonight was that night. I didn't get home until 8. Chris had to leave by 9 to do some recruiting for work. Quick quick quick.

I bought a mandolin for just this reason. Target didn't have any nice ones, so I went with the crappy one. Works quite well actually. Baked Sweet Potato Chips. Fan-freakin-tastic. I sliced them and then rolled them around in a bowl with some olive oil, nutmeg, cinnamon, all spice and onion powder. Yeah, I grabbed some stuff off the shelf and threw it in.

The chips came out quite nicely! I think next time I will slice them a bitter thiner so they get really crispy. I prefer super crispy.

Dinner was on the table less than 30 minutes after I walked in the door. Not too shabby! The BBQ was a tad bit sweet, but pretty good for something that comes in a plastic tub and just needs to be heated.


Tam Pham said...

how long did you bake the chips at and what temp?

Diabolina said...

um, super cool. seems easy like I might not f it up.

i gotta start feeding my man. maybe i'll take cooking lessons.

next year...

csunsweetie said...

The pic of the sweet potato on the slicer thing reminds me of the gnome's hat from the travelocity commercials.

Lord I hope you didn't eat his hat! ;o)