Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Body: Stagnant

Date: Wednesday June 4
Weight: 125
To Go: 5 pounds

I'm totally f-ing up this whole work out thing.

Actually, down one since last week, so that's excellent! I hit the gym on Monday and met the most fantastic instructor on the freakin' planet. She was so excited to be there that I was excited to be there. I wanted her to throw her best at me. And she did! I don't know if I've ever worked out so hard. I even "WOOOP"ed when she said "How you feelin' Sherman Oaks!?" I hate when people do that. I will be attending every single one of her classes from here on out.

And I have a new structured plan. I must have structure... no running around willy nilly. Luckily for me, I can create my own structure and once I'm in it, I can stick to it. So, for every bad calorie I eat, I'm going to do one crunch. 150 calories on an ice cream snack? 150 crunches! I think this will be excellent.

We've been hiking again. I forgot how much I love it. There's a great trail off Mulholland that goes down into a "rainforest." There used to be a rope swing, but it's now gone. It's about 30 minutes down. You start at the top and it's quite hilly on the way down. So you're not going straight down and then straight up. Each way is a lovely combination. But the last hundred yards will kill you. We did it once last summer with no water. Half way through the last bit I literally thought I would gasp my last breath on the side of that mountain. That last push at the end is so amazingly wonderful. It's all over grown now. It almost feels like the east coast, which I love! Except that I know how poison ivy all over my legs. Sexy. And itchy.


Anonymous said...

do you know the name of the trailhead? i'd love to find out - always looking for new hikes close to home :)

MissJordyPants said...

mcfirthy - no clue! It's off Mulholland. If you're coming from the valley, go up Laurel Canyon and take a righ on Mulholland. It's about a mile down on the right. There's a little parking area... it's a woman's name.

Good Luck!

Diabolina said...

i wish the mr. would hike with me. it's great exercise and a way to be outside.

go go go!

Anonymous said...

I haven't hiked in forever. I'm feeling inspired. Going to attempt to make a go at it, with the fiance in tow!