Friday, June 13, 2008

Body: Slow & Steady

Date: Friday June 13
Weight: 124
Progress: 4 pounds to go

I've been good and bad. I've been getting to the gym 3 times a week. Which is good. But I've been eating lots of snickity snacks. Brownies and Cookies and Cake. Oh My. But it is delicious and I love it. The key really is just the balancing act. For every brownie that goes in, there must be some gym time exerted.

I'm feeling svelte which is awesome. There's a huge possibility that they replaced the mirrors at my gym with skinny mirrors. You know, the mirrors that make you look awesome. Subtle fun house mirrors.

It's nice to just have this open goal. Before the wedding there was a timeline. A definite finish line for the hot body race. Now, it's just open... I can be fast or slow and enjoy the cookies/cake/ice cream/etc. and it's awesome.

My friend Jen posted something super interested that she read in Self Magazine. All about a "reasonable" weight. I'm going to have to agree with Jen on most of what she says. Go read it, quite interesting stuff!

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Janice said...

interesting, my "happy weight" is 134, which is actually very true for me. I feel good at that weight, yet can treat myself. I was that weight for many years, but now I gotta get back down there again:)