Monday, June 23, 2008

Cooking: Bowl Style

There's this place in my hometown that makes the most amazing chicken salad that there ever was on the entire planet. Lots of mayo, moist chicken and dill. I think that's it. You get it on a bagel with melted provolone and it's to.die.for.

Chris makes a yummytastic chicken salad, but I wanted him to try this one. And he did. And it was fabulous.

He also added cucumber, because we were out of celery. And it was awesome because I hate celery. But it added a nice crunchy, but not overpowering flavor. So super summery.

I would add a recipe here, but Chris doesn't do recipe. From what I can gather, it looked like boil chicken. Chill. Add mayo, cucumber, dill. Mix. Chill. Serve.

But then again, it's all just in his head.

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