Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random Bits of Updates

- House - We do not officially own the house. Yet, we are making payments on it. It's kind of like standing at the cash register at Target waiting for someone to grab your new purchases from the back warehouse. For five days. However, I have the lockbox combination and have been allowing myself in for cleaning (well, for letting the cleaning lady in) and painting. Lots and lots of painting. Seriously, the walls are sucking down paint like thirsty hyenas. Three gallons for the living room. Painted it blue... but it came out a bit more smurf than I would have liked. But I was already in it, so I pressed through. Hopefully some photos on the wall will bring down the smurfness.

- Body - I've been bad. Lost another pound last week, but have eaten like a crazy person all week and avoided the gym due to a massive amount of painting needing to be done. Probably have gained it all back. However, ceiling painting is an awesome workout and my arms/back feel like they've been through the ringer!

- Visits - My good friend WTF and her husband were in town for a wedding. YAH! As always, excellent to see them! Aunt Jill is in town next week, which means lots and lots of shopping and even more eating. There will also be no working out, so I expect to buy up a pant size for next week.

- Husband - Only two more days before I get to really see him again! He's been coming home pretty early for the last week, rolling in not too much after midnight. That brings him down to 16 hour days. Poor kid. It's weird, he's here, but not really here. I rattled on and on about Sarah the other night, failing to remember that he had no idea who Sarah was. He didn't know that I had hired a web designer to build a new blog/website for the photography. Forgot to mention that. Odd how major things fall away when you don't have idle time for chit chat.

So, I've been a bad blogger... but that's mostly because there's not that much to be interesting about. Work, Paint, Edit, Sleep, Repeat. I could use a nap...


Speis Girl said...

you're breaking and entering into your own house?! and then vandalizing it by painting the walls and ceilings?! i can't waaaait to see it. i love the smurfs!
oh, when chris is done being a slave to the biz he has a celebratory scooter ride coming. mi helmet es su helmet ;)

Diabolina 3.1 said...

how'd you know i want to be smurfette for halloween???

i cannot believe your tiny self is painting. you are the shit.

YAYAYAYYA to hiring sarah.

be kind to yourself,

AliGoesBlogWild said...

I'm sure all your hard work will make every listing on HGTV green, er, BLUE, with envy!