Sunday, September 21, 2008

House: More Demo

Super crazy busy busy weekend at the new house!

There are three parts to our house. The original house, the kitchen/living addition and then a later Mother-in-Law Addition. The last part completely closes off to the rest of the house, has its own entrance and is about 600 square feet. So, we decided to tear it apart, build it back up and rent it to some friendly/quiet/nice folks. One problem... it's ugly as hell.

So, I learned how to break up and tear out tile this weekend!

Lots and lots of angry aggression came out of my body, through the hammer and into the ugly floor. It's now out in the back yard! WOOO!

Chris took on some heavier things... the closet! We ripped out the closet and are putting in a kitchen/living area.

The backyard is currently a disgusting disaster area. We've cut some trees and ripped out carpets and torn down walls... and it's all on the ground in the backyard. We figured that if we're going to hire someone to come haul it all away, we were going to make it worth their while :-)

Please note another stupid previous owner move. See that wire behind Chris' shoulder? It's strung throughout the backyard just like that. From a post. To the corner of the house. To the ground. Yeah, it's the water feed for the sprinkler system. Apparently burying it like normal people was a bit too tough. Nice, eh?


AliGoesBlogWild said...

even in shmutzy, new-home chaos, you still look adorable and chic. no fair!!

Diabolina 3.1 said...

i want to eat both your faces. such cute intense faces redoing YOUR HOUSE ;)

still so excited for you!

Jen said...

A. I continue to be impressed by your husband's general contractor skills.

B. The previous owners were obviously morons.

C. Is that the patented "drunk Jordana face" in your tile removal picture? Hehe.


Sam Ed. said...

I cannot wait to visit the new home! Keep up the hard're a better woman than I, Jordy!

Ivy said...

Congrats on the progress!

Savvy Mode SG said...

good for you. i am in the middle of remodeling some part of the house and i am exhausted just looking at the contractors.... : )

nita said...

omg. this is hardcore! good luck with all the demo & reno!