Thursday, September 4, 2008

House: Refrigerator

Refrigerator shopping is AWFUL. Disgusting. And Awful.

Last week we tried a scratch-and-dent place in Chatsworth. Some pretty decent stuff, but the pricing wasn't as low as you expect for a giant warehouse with no air condition full of stuff that's been dinged. Or fell off a truck.

Then there was Lowe's. Mostly, I was just tired of shopping already and didn't care and didn't think that we would need one so quickly. My oh my how time flies when you're having fun.

Yesterday we started the shopping again as I realized that we're moving on Saturday and we don't have anything to chill the multiple beers that Chris will need to consume as I put him into manual slave labor mode.

Sears was the first stop. I.Hate.Them. Firstly, there are 6 sales folk in the TV section standing around picking their noses. They don't know about/can't sell/don't want to sell refrigerators. There is one guy in the refrigerator section who is stuck with a couple asking a bajillion questions. So, we looked. And we waited. And we looked. And finally one of the stove guys came over to help us. He picked one that we liked. Here's where I get REALLY angry. All of the fridges have prices on them. There are black and white and stainless fridges and they all have prices. Put not until you actually put your nose onto the tag and get really really close to read the itty bitty teeny tiny print do you realize that all of the prices are for the white version of that fridge. The stainless version is obviously $400 more. Bastards. AND all this "Next Day Delivery" stuff is crap. They can't deliver it for almost two weeks! What's with this pay and wait crap!? That's when I stormed out. I was tired, and cranky, and angry.

But we had to push through. We need a beer chiller. So, to Home Depot we went. Big selection, helpful folk, lower prices. And a chair that I could sit in. The chair was important I think. Oh, and cell reception. Why don't warehouse stores have cell recpetion? We were able to pull up reviews and comparisons on our iPhones and decide on our giant purchase with somewhat of an education. Well, really, I mostly decided that I liked rounded handles, pull out freezers, french door fridge, a top drawer in the freezer that pops out when the whole drawer is opened, lots of little drawers in the fridge, doors that close without being physically pushed shut and water in the door. Chris liked that one of them had a long shallow drawer... he called it the beer drawer. Perfect for lots of bottles laying down. But, then the sales lady called it a cake drawer. Perfect for giant sheet cakes. And then I knew we had to have it.

And it was the last day of their 10% off, free delivery sales promotion from labor day! Still a week on the delivery, but I guess we can get by with an old school cooler for a bit.
YAAAH for checks of the list!


Diabolina 3.1 said...

home depot is our go to too. had the same experience at sears. no wonder it's a dying dinosaur. F.

so excited for pics of the new place. i have a very specific cozy image of it. probably influenced by the smurf references :)

Savvy Mode SG said...

what about pacific sales?? they have really nice appliances.

ptflip said...

love the top fridge/bottom freezer. much more practical. ditto on pacific sales. they have a lot of selection, nice stuff, and good pricing.

AliGoesBlogWild said...

A new fridge/freezer -- that's so COOL! (bahahaha)

I can't wait to come over to your house and CHILL! (bahahahaha)