Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Life in Bullet Points

Too busy. WOOO!

- Auntie was in town a few weeks ago. Whenever she's here we eat like rock stars. There was Tower Bar (the most beautiful atmosphere), The Ivy (where we saw Shauna Sand, but thought she was a porn star, until I was clicking through channels and she was on TMZ. She super skinny and looks like a porn star. Is she a porn star?), CUT (by far, the most fantastic meal I think I've EVER had. Mr. Puck came out to introduce himself and see how our meal was. I think I may have gawked a bit) and topped it all of with an old favorite, Il Sole.

- I have the most amazing husband ever. He strips, he builds, he paints and he's doing most of it without me! I'm working all week and shooting all weekend and editing all night. Adore him. A lot.

- The plumbers have come and gone. The dry wall has gone back up. The ceiling has been depopcorned. The flooring is nearing completion. Nearly all the walls have been painted. That place looks fantastic. Would it be wrong to live in the rental unit of my house and rent out the house part?!

- Chris' parents are coming in October. I keep thinking we have so much time to get out of the boxes, but then I realize that October is next week. Holy shit.

- Photography is the best thing that ever happened to me. More on that soon.

- Attended a wedding show with Paola complete with blue martinis and pistachio cake (really the best part of wedding shows). We followed it up with dinner at The Abbey. There was a show and it was fabulous. Realized that I should get out of the house more often.

- The gym has not been graced with my presence in nearly a month. Seriously. I should go back there soon. I'm a poufy jiggly mess.

- I haven't cooked in over a month. Now that the house kitchen has been cleaned I feel safe using it until we can completely rip it out. But I haven't. Most times I ask Chris to cook and then give him a really big kiss and hug and tell him how good he does it. He is a fantastic cook. But mostly I just don't want to do it.

- A lot of my plants are dead. Moving traumatized them. (Or perhaps lack of water murdered them.)

- Bingley and Jack love the new house. But Bingley was chased by a dog and Jack fell off the roof. Both boys are fine. I am totally going to be an overprotective mother that follows her daughter to the movie theater on her first date, sits in the back with wig and Jackie O sunglasses and spies with bincoculars. It's going to be bad. Should probably work on that now.

I PROMISE pictures soon. I JUST downloaded the pictures from the first day I broke in to "Guerilla Move."


Anne K. in L.A. said...

Here are my comments in bullet points.

- So.jealous. of all the fabulous eating and that you met Mr. Puck. FYI, Shauna Sand is the ex-wife of Lorenzo Lamas. They had a nasty divorce a couple years back. She's not a porn star, but an ex-Playboy Playmate from the early 90s, I think.

- Kudos to Chris for beings such a "handy" man;)

- Have you found someone to move into your rental? I want to see it;)

- The gym and I aren't friends. I've been going, but I now associate it as a place of pain and suffering:(

Glad you've had such an awesome couple of weeks:)

: : Aileen : : said...

It's great to be busy, isn't it? Especially when life still seems to be going smoothly. Good to hear photography changed your life. You have inspired me to pick up photography as well - if you can do it, then anyone who puts their mind to it can as well! I'm moving slowly, but will eventually get there. I just need to pick up a class! Congrats and glad to hear things are going really well!!

Savvy Mode SG said...

when i had the kitchen counter replaced, i couldn't use the kitchen for about 2 weeks. but, it is not a bad thing, not having to cook. : )

Victoria said...

so sorry about your toe :( can you let me know your photography blog link? i have a close friend who is considering finally pursuing it as a dream (she lives on the east coast) and i remember reading that you had done the same. thx!!