Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Tag!

I got tagged by Anne and must list 6 super random things about myself. (I love tags. A lot.)

1. I am OBSESSED with email. OBSESSED. I love getting it. I love sending it. I check it at least 800ish times a day. On my phone. On the computer. While in traffic. While standing in line. While I should be doing something else...

2. Pumpkin is clearly the best tasting thing on the planet. Pane e Vino has a pumpkin ravioli special every year in October, but the actual week varies. Every Monday in October I call and ask if it will be on the special board that week. When it finally is I make the reservation for as soon in the week as my friend Ani and I can get together. When I ordered last year, the waiter said that they were out. OUT?! I threw a mild tantrum and the chef "found" some. It was delcious. We topped it off with pumpkin cheesecake. Perhaps this is the week :-)

3. I am a planner. I love lists. Writing out lists of plans is heavenly to me. I have at least two To Do Lists going at once. There's always a pad of paper in my purse and a running list on my phone. The thrill of checking off an item is beyond amazing.

4. I grew up in the middle of nowhere North Carolina. I lived down a long dirt road, drove an hour to the nearest movie theater/mall/Wal-Mart/fast food joint, spent many a first date driving through mud puddles and shining spotlights on bears, and left my keys in the car when I went to the grocery store. The county only has one stop light. It's 25 minutes from my house. When we got a temporary second one to deal with some bridge maintenance, it made the front page of the newspaper. When I decided to go away from college people asked me "Why you goin go so far away from you Mama?" And when I decided to move to Los Angeles they thought I was crazy.

5. I was bored in high school, so I tried out for the track team. I hate running! I don't think I ran a single lap in the three days of tryouts and I made the team. (They even cut other people!) I am not a quitter and have never quit anything in my entire life... so I had to stick it out through the year. I spent a lot of time "sick" and "dehydrated" so that I wouldn't have to run the races. I was really really bad and always came in last. But I stuck it out through the entire season. I blame my super short stocky little legs. I am nothing if not stubborn.

6. I have cankles. Chris has amazingly beautiful skinny legs and such a defined strong Achilles tendon. I pray that our children get his leg/ankle/foot combo. I have considered and totally would get cankle surgery.

The "rules" of the game are as follows:
1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
Now, I tag these folks....

- Diabolina
- Jen
- Mary
- SamEd
- Paola
- You!


WendyB said...

Pumpkin ravioli is a wonderful thing.

Mrs. Lexi said...

I ran track in high school and was terrible too! I used to walk/run the two warm-up laps we had to do every practice. Not only that, but somehow I was put on varsity! I think I did it to make my dad proud.

Sam Ed. said...

Sadly, I am restricted from blogging until post-election! But, for sure will respond after that! I love being tagged...I feel special!