Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Decor: More Chairs

I'm going to have to change the blog from "The Jordana Project" to the "Buy a Bunch of Junk and Turn it into Something Awesome (Fingers Crossed) Project."

I bought more chairs. And a table.

I've been searching for these chairs for WEEEEEEKS! Trolling all kinds of sites day after day hoping for something junky that I could refinish and turn into all kinds of amazingness. Still in it's ick stage, my new most favorite office chairs.

How close to what I was looking for?! I think I even like them better than the other version. They are beyond fantastic and I can't wait to sit behind my new desk in this fabulous chair, with the amazing fabric I bought weeks ago with the perfect vision in mind. Ahhhh!

We went down to the Santa Monica Flea Market to take a look on Sunday. And in the back corner, just when I thought it was a total waste to drive all the way down there, I spot these. And I think, "They're going to be AT LEAST $80 a piece and it's sooo not worth it." So I ask. $20 A PIECE!!! ACK!

And one of them is broken, so I tell her I will only pay $15 for it. She's fine with that. EEK!

There's also a table. All kinds of broken. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it but I kind of love it. I'm thinking about painting it all black and having glass or wood cut to fit the top. Or maybe something off the wall like stainless steel or concrete.

I'll have to go to town with the wood glue. And perhaps never put anything of value on it should it collapse into a million and a half pieces.

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Diabolina 3.1 said...

i love what it says about you that you see so much potential in the ick. probably partly what makes you a good photographer :)