Sunday, October 5, 2008

Decor: Chairs, Chairs Everywhere

I am currently obsessed with antique chairs of the Louis variety. Obsessed.
I found this one on Craig's List and picked it up on Friday. It's not going to work for my office because it's too small, but I'm thinking now for the living room. Painting it black and then reupholstering it with something fantatsic. Maybe white. Or maybe a print. Or maybe I'll leave it a bit until I reorganize my brain.


Ivy said...

we're so on the same wavelength! Except that you're way ahead of the game..your house is coming together great!

I've been looking on design sponge and checking out craigslist because i want to reupholster/re do everything I see. My husband thinks I'm crazy!

Speis Girl said...

i love this chair. it may get stolen when i come to visit.

Diabolina 3.1 said...

I love white. And if you do print, make it a fashionable one. Like Pucci or Missoni.